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General Number

(512) 595-0490

Corky Peavy

512-905-5955 (Corky) 

I get so many spam calls I might have call

screening on.  If so, it will send you a text you

have to reply to before I can receive your calls.

skype: CorkyPeavy

Business and Technical Questions

Sandy Peavy

512-276-1263 (Sandy direct)

Language Study Questions




Cecilia, Nicaragua

Skype: cecilia.moraga.hernandez

ooVoo: ceciliamoragahernandez  

(sometimes works better than Skype)

Cell: +50584251427  

(can text or call here)

Cecilia's Bio )




Aura Cruz, Nicaragua

Skype: aura.cruz5

(Aura's Bio)




Edwina Ruiz, Nicaragua

Skype: edwina.herrera

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We are located at:

7645 Nez Perce Trace, Manor, TX, 78653, US  

(Manor is a bedroom community of Austn TX.