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About Us



Corky grew up in South and Central Texas and has worked in various technology fields sometimes as an employee, and sometimes as a small business owner.


Sandy grew up in South America and often gets cravings for a taste of home. She also holds a masters degree in ESL.


We took a two month trip to Nicaragua, the second poorest country in the hemisphere in 2012. We went to work on our Spanish and just enjoy ourselves in a beautiful country that is not overly commercialized.  A few of our tutors were exceptional both as teachers and human beings, but their earning in local language schools were shockingly poor.  When we came back we decided to keep studying with some of our teachers via Skype which keeps us in the language. They have become a great friends to share the long journey of language learning with.


Our three college kids are entering the job market and have noticed how important it is to know some Spanish to get hired.  As we become empty nesters, we started to have more time to pursue some dreams.

We know that God is very concerned with the plight of the poor and we share His desire to change lives.  We are especially attracted to solutions that bring permanent change.


We stood back and looked at all these streams: Corky's tech and business background, Sandy's language and cultural background, newfound insights into the job market, God's concern for the poor, and more available time.  How do these fit together?   It seems if we can create a business that lifts people out of poverty with dignity, helps people to avoid falling into poverty here in the US, and would provide a useful reason to spend lots of time in Latin America, that would be a great thing.  So we are off on this adventure and invite you to join us!

Overlooking Laguna de Apoyo, with Granada and Mombacho Volcano in the background

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