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New to Skype?

Skype allows you to call/text at any time without setting up a meeting.

If you are a Windows user you can use your windows login.

Otherwise you can create an account based on your phone number or email.

This link will start skype on almost any device.   

Once logged in search for your tutor by typing their skype name into the search box.   

See picture below.

Our tutor's skype names are:

  • Aura     -   aura.cruz5

  • Cecilia  -   cecilia.moraga.hernandez

  • Edwina -   edwina.herrera

  • Martin  -   martinnavarrete3077

  • Nelson  -  live:.cid.c86548b7ec60c2ca

  • Yorleny -  yorleny.herrera

The second picture below shows where to click to start a call (upper right) or type to text using Skype (bottom).

Still having problems?

Email or call:

512 905-5955

(text first to let me know what you need because I get a lot of junk calls)

skype 1
skype 2
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