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Just starting?  

We suggest you start with common phrases then learn to make little substitutions.  For example:


Dónde está el bus?  Where is the bus?

Dónde está tu mamá?  Where is your mom?

Dónde está la tienda?  Where is the store?

Dónde está el banco?

Here is a link to some good starter phrases:


After you make some progress with that, you may want to systimatically learn some of the most common words.  Here are a couple of links for that.


But pretty soon you will need to start to get a little grasp of what is going on with Spanish verbs or you can't express when anything happens or who did it.   For years when someone tried to speak Spanish to me I'd tell them "You speak Spanish horribly" when I meant to say "I speak Spanish horribly".   I guess they either got the point or took offense!  

Spanish verbs are quite different from English verbs.  Below are two useful introductions to the subject.


I've written a little document that tries to distill the most important aspects into a single page.  

With this cheat sheet in hand, you can go far.  

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