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Aura Cruz


Skype: aura.cruz5

Phone: 011 505 273 20533

            011 505 843 14868

Aura has taught students from all over the world for the past 8 years.  She used to teach in a school in Laguna de Apoyo which was run by an American where she received excellent training.  She fully understands advanced grammar and is good at explaining when and why the various verb tenses should be used.


She has enough English to help beginners when they are stuck on simple words. 


We lived in her home and studied with her for a week and were amazed this humble lady had such in depth knowledge and great natural teaching skills.   Just recently good internet came to her town so we are finally able to study with her using Skype.  


She is using her income to send the first member of her family ever to college – her daughter Linda.  Her son 12 year old son Fabricio hopes to follow in her footsteps.   In addition to her children, she lives with her mom, sister, and 11 year old niece.


She lives in Ocotal, in the northern coffee growing area of Nicaragua, and we did have some great coffee in her home.   They took freshly picked beans, roasted them over a fire in the back yard and made the coffee immediately.   It was amazing!


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