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Skype: yorleny.herrera

As a tutor I can study any way you like.   If you just want me to direct the study I'll assess your level then start teaching at the appropriate level.   I use many resources to keep things interesting but the scope and sequenc I'm following in the background is laid out here.

Graduated with a degree in tourism at the Universidad Politecnica de Nicaragua.

* 2005 - Spanish tutoring at Nicaragua School of Spanish (NSS) in San Juan del Sur.
* 2007 - Continued tutoring and worked as a bartender and waitress at El Buen Gusto Restaurant in the evenings.
* 2007 - Logistics assistant for Stemonsa, a Swiss owned construction company until it closed in 2008.
* 2008 - Spanish tutor at the Association of Cultural Promotion Program (APC)
* 2009 - Head receptionist full time at Hotel La Estacion. I got my picture taken with the famous Canadian actor Justin Chatwen. Ha ha.
* 2015 - Worked for Aurora Beach Real Estate which is a rental and property management company
* 2016 - tTutoring in the mornings at The Spanish School Spanish Ya in San Juan del Sur. It was a real coincidence when one of my students told me her son was a friend of Justin Chatwen and showed me a picture of them taken together.

* 2017 Spanish for Good

I have worked for various other Spanish schools but the work tends to be fragmented because most of the students come in the summer when tourism peaks and then there are very few opportunities the rest of the year, causing us to seek employment else where.

I have enjoyed tutoring because unlike teaching I have the flexibility to tailor my instruction to my student’s needs and desires. I’ve taught students from the U.S., Canada, Holland, Norway, Italy, Australia, Germany, Russia, Israel, Korea, Japan and Australia so I am a vicarious world traveler! One student who was a lot of fun was the director of the famous Circus of Soleil.

I live with my husband, Max, and my daughter, Janice, who is 14 years old.

My Mom was one of the first pioneers who had the vision for teaching Spanish in Nicaragua. She trained my sister and I and a large number of teachers in this area and ran several schools, so Spanish tutoring is the family business I grew up in. Unfortunately she dies last year of cancer. We inherited her parrot, Adela, who lives with us but we haven’t succeeded in teaching her to speak much Spanish or any other language for that matter. She does blow us kisses occasionally, though, which makes us smile.

My default Scope and Sequence

Level 0
Lesson 1 Alphabet and Pronunciation - Greetings
Lesson 2 Nouns- Personal Information
Lesson 3 The Articles - Family
Lesson 4 Adjectives - Food
Lesson 5 Regular verbs in the present - The restaurant
Lesson 6 Interrogative pronouns - The hotel
Lesson 7 Irregular verbs in the present - The city
Lesson 8 Modal Verbs - Directions
Lesson 9 Numbers, days and months - Time
Lesson 10 Verb "gustar" (like) - Shopping

Level a1
Lesson 1 Alphabet, pronunciation, numbers, interrogative pronouns - Greetings
Lesson 2 Nouns, adjectives, articles - Family
Lesson 3 Regular verbs in the present, prepositions, interrogative pronouns - At home
Lesson 4 Irregular verbs in present tense, pronominal verbs, time - Routines
Lesson 5 Possessive adjectives, verb "like" - Pastimes
Lesson 6 Prepositions, demonstrative adjectives - The city
Lesson 7 Indefinite Adjectives - The restaurant
Lesson 8 Being (being vs being) - Friends
Lesson 9 Modal Verbs - Health
Lesson 10 Future tense - Holidays
Lesson 11 Story to read
Lesson 12 Review.


Level A2
Lesson 1 Modal Verbs
Lesson 2 To be, to be, to have or is there?
Lesson 3 Possessive (adjectives and pronouns)
Lesson 4 pronominal verbs
Lesson 5 Demonstratives (adjectives and pronouns)
Lesson 6 The near future: the future "that goes towards"
Lesson 7 Indefinite (adjectives and pronouns)
Lesson 8 Like and Similar Verbs
Lesson 9 The Present Perfect
Lesson 10 Object pronouns: the direct object
Lesson 11 Story to read
Lesson 12 Review


Level B1

Lesson 1 The present continuous (gerund)
Lesson 2 The indefinite past (simple past tense) I
Lesson 3 The indefinite past (simple past tense) II
Lesson 4 The Present Perfect Versus the Past Simple
Lesson 5 The past imperfect (indicative)
Lesson 6 Past Simple vs. Imperfect Tense
Lesson 7 The Past Perfect (Pluperfect)
Lesson 8 The relationship between the different times of the past.
Lesson 9 Prepositions
Lesson 10 Indirect Object Pronouns
Lesson 11 Comparatives
Lesson 12 Superlatives
Lesson 13 Story to read
Lesson 14 Conversation


Level B2

Lesson 1 The Simple Future
Lesson 2 The Future Perfect
Lesson 3 The Simple Conditional
Lesson 4 The perfect conditional
Lesson 5 The imperative (affirmative)
Lesson 6 The present subjunctive
Lesson 7 The imperative (negative)
Lesson 8 The Present Perfect Subjunctive
Lesson 9 Indicative vs subjunctive I
Lesson 10 Direct and indirect object pronouns
Lesson 11 Verbs used with prepositions
Lesson 12 Adverbs
Lesson 13 Story to read
Lesson 14 Conversation.


Level C1

Lesson 1 The imperfect subjunctive
Lesson 2 The past perfect (pluperfect) of the subjunctive
Lesson 3 moods and verb tenses in Spanish
Lesson 4 Indicative vs Subjunctive II
Lesson 5 'If' Clauses
Lesson 6 Pronouns and relative clauses
Lesson 7 By vs. in order to
Lesson 8 The passive voice
Lesson 9 Phrasal verbs and verbs with prepositions
Lesson 10 Indirect / indirect speech
Lesson 11 Story to read
Lesson 14 Conversation


Level C2

Lesson 1 Purpose clauses: for what purpose?
Lesson 2 Consecutive clauses (or result clauses)
Lesson 3 Concessional clauses
Lesson 4 Cause (or reason) clauses: why?
Lesson 5 Formal clauses - how?
Lesson 6 Time Clauses: When?
Lesson 7 Adverbial Subordinate Sentences, Review I
Lesson 8 Adverbial Subordinate Clauses, Review II
Lesson 9 Infinitive, gerund and past participle
Lesson 10 Accents and how to use them
Lesson 11 Story to read

Yorleny Scope and Sequence
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