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Why do I have to pay for a class I missed?  My tutor did not have to do any work!

We don't do this to be mean, but consider it from the tutor's point of view.   She blocked her calendar for that time and was not able to take other paying customers.   She also was not able to take a trip to the market or make any other use of her time.   What you are paying for is her time, and hopefully you will show up to share it with her!  :-) 


So by company policy if you miss you still pay for the slot.   


Now some of our tutors are crazy nice people and occasionally do make-up lessons when a student misses as long as it is rare.   The reason it has to be rare is because she is spending twice as much time for $0 extra pay when she does a make up lesson.  When my wife and I miss classes (unless we give plenty of notice) we never ask for unpaid make up lessons because we feel like we are asking a very poor person to "help us out" financially when we are much wealthier than she is.   It just makes us uncomfortable to do that.

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