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I have enjoyed tutoring because unlike teaching I have the flexibility to tailor my instruction to my student’s needs and desires. I’ve taught students from the U.S., Canada, Holland, Norway, Italy, Australia, Germany, Russia, Israel, Korea, Japan and Australia so I am a vicarious world traveler! One student who was a lot of fun was the director of the famous Circus of Soleil.


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Edwina is from a family of Spanish teachers. Her mom was a founder in the first Spanish school in the much visited beach town of San Juan del Sur. The legacy was passed on to Edwina and her sister. In addition to tutoring, she has taught computer literacy and programming in local schools.


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Cecilia was our first tutor!  Her English is good enough for simple conversation.  

Cecilia lives in a small house with her parents, sister, nieces, nephew, aunt, uncle and sweet daughter - not to mention a parrot, rooster and a horde of hens.


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Aura is using her income to send the first member of her family ever to college – her daughter Linda. Her son 15 year old son Fabricio hopes to follow in her footsteps. 

She lives in Ocotal, in the northern coffee growing area of Nicaragua, and we did have some great coffee in her home. They took freshly picked beans, roasted them over a fire in the back yard and made the coffee immediately. It was amazing!