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Unfortunately we don't have a self service way to buy service.   Our "system" is quite primitive, but really not much trouble for you.  You just email whatever you want to


and I make whatever changes you want in the system. It's primitive, but at least you won't have another password to deal with in your life. :-)

The FIRST thing you need to seend is your Name, Email, and Phone number so I can set up your account.

There are two ways to study - on a regular schedule which is cheapest, or by buying a bundle of Flex Time hours.  The pricing and details are HERE.

The billing system does have a login which you can use to look at your payment history and that will be linked to in your email.

Get Started with Scheduled Lessons


If you want to study on a Weekly Schedule for $6.50/hr first talk to your tutor and find a schedule that works then email

Tell me:

  • Tutor Name

  • How many minutes per lesson, 40 or 55

  • How many days per week

  • Start date

and I will set it up for you and you will receive an email with a link you can click on to pay to get started.

Once it's set up it's not bad it just sends you an invoice by email each month.   You are never committed beyond the current month.  If you need to stop or pause (or change anything) just send an email and I'll take care of it.   


At least you won't need another password in your life ha ha.  :-)   

Get Started with Flex Time


If you want to buy a package of flex time email and let us know and you will get an email with a link for the one time payment.  Then go to the tutors page and book time.   When you have used up all the lesson you purchased email me for more.