How Monthly pricing is computed.

When we developed our pricing scheme we had a goal of offering a uniform monthly price because many people get paid and budget monthly. But making that work does mean the way your bill is calculated is rather complex.  

There are two questions we often get asked about the pricing for recurring monthly.   The first is, why are the lessons only 55 minutes or 40 minutes, instead of 1 hour or 45 minutes?   The reason is because realistically your tutor has to have a little time between classes. 

The othe question we are often asked is: "How can I fairly be charged the same price each month when months vary from 28 to 31 days?"  The answer is we average it out for a year.  Some months you get a little more than “fair” and other months you get a little less, but over a year it works out to the posted price.   Here is how it’s calculated for two different cases:

365.25 days in a year

365.25 / 12 = 30.4375 days for an average month

30.43 / 7 = 4.35 weeks in an average month

So here are two examples of how that works out:

Example 1.  Two 40 minute lessons per week:

40 * 2 * 4.35 = 348 minutes in an average month

348 / 60 = 5.8      hours in an average month

5.8 * 6.5 = $37.70  which we round to  $38

Example 2.  Four 40 minute lessons per week:

40 * 4 * 4.35 = 696 minutes in an average month

696 / 60 = 11.6     hours in an average month

11.6 * 6.5 = $75.4  which we round to  $75

We hope you have noticed our prices are waaaay cheaper than most, and our tutors are really excellent so even on the "expensive" months you are getting a fantastic bargan.