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Cecilia in Rivas, Nicaragua

Cecilia has taught 100s of students from Norway, Canada, England, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, U.S. Brazil, Australia, Taiwan...


She lives in a small house with her parents, sister, nieces, nephew, aunt, uncle and sweet daughter -- not to mention a parrot, rooster and a horde of hens. She is a single mother trying to raise her family.



Three years of college in Business Administration 
2005 - Studied teaching methods in a Nicaraguan school in San Juan del Sur. 
Taught Spanish in various schools in Nicaragua from 2006 - 2012. 
2011 Director of "Nica Spanish School" a Spanish teaching school. Taught classes and in charge of training other teachers. 
2012 APC Spanish school, one on one or sometimes two students. 


Aura, Ocotal, Nicaragua

Aura has taught students from all over the world for the past 8 years. When we first met her she was teaching in a school in Laguna De Apoyo, Nicaragua.


Later we lived in her home and studied with her for a week and were amazed this humble lady had such in depth knowledge and great natural teaching skills. She has a daughter who is attending college in Managua.


Recently good internet came to her town so we are finally able to study with her using Skype.  This allows her to work from home which has been a huge improvement for her life because she was only at home a couple of weekends each month when she worked at the school.


She lives in Ocotal, in the Northern Coffee growing area of Nicaragua, and we did have some amazing coffee while we were there!


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