Skype:  edwina.herrera

Phone: 011 505 5730 3028

Email: titha6626@gmail.com

Edwina has taught Spanish to people from around the world who have visited Nicaragua over the last 10 years, teaching in several schools.   She has about 3 years of college including coursework in the areas of business and HR, economics, tourism, languages and research methods.   


She has also taken professional development courses specifically focused on tutoring.   She is from a family of Spanish teachers. Her mom was a founder in the first Spanish school in the much visited beach town of San Juan del Sur.  The legacy was passed on to Edwina and her sister.  In addition to tutoring, she has taught computer literacy and programming in local schools.   


Her English is good enough for simple conversations and helping her students when they are stuck.


She lives with her husband and 3 kids (18, 12, and 2) along with her sister, brother-in-law, mother, a cat named BooBoo and a parrot named Adela.   


Edwina enjoys travelling the world, which she does through the eyes of her students.   The friendships she makes with them are a bright spot in her life.


She lives in San Juan del Sur near the ocean.   She enjoys walks on the beach but with work and a 2 year old, she does not get do that much right now!