Cecilia's Bio


Skype: cecilia.moraga.hernandez


ooVoo: ceciliamoragahernandez  

(sometimes works better than Skype)

Cell: +50584251427

  • Three years of college in Business Administration

  • 2005 - Studied teaching methods in a Nicaraguan school in San Juan del Sur. 

  • Taught Spanish in various schools in Nicaragua from 2006 - 2012.  

  • 2011 Director of "Nica Spanish School" a Spanish teaching school.  Taught classes and in charge of training other teachers. 

  • 2012 APC Spanish school, one on one or sometimes two students. 

  • Has taught 100s of students from Norway, Canada, England, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, U.S. Brazil, Australia, Taiwan...


Cecilia lives in a small house with her parents, sister, nieces, nephew, aunt, uncle and sweet daughter.  

Not to mention a parrot, rooster and a horde of hens. She is a single mother trying to raise her family.


Following are a few notes of thanks from students which were written in Spanish!


"Mi esposo e yo estamos a mas de un año en Nicaragua a trabajo , somos brasileños , y luego conocemos la maestra Cecilia , ella nos dio clase por algún tiempo, fue muy bueno , nosotros aprendemos rápido , me gusto su manera de enseña , es paciente e muy amable."

(google translation)

"My husband and I are more than a year in Nicaragua to work, we are Brazilians, and then the teacher know Cecilia, gave her class for some time, was very good, we learn fast, I like the way she teach, patient and very friendly."

Not bad for a beginner!


"Cecilia Moraga se ríe su clase, interesante y un reto. Ella es una maestra muy paciente y minucioso con la capacidad de sacar lo mejor de sus alumnos. Mis habilidades de conversación y gramática entendimiento mejoradoenormemente, mientras estudiaba con ella en Nicaragua."  


Hiley from London, England (google translation)


"Cecilia Moraga makes class fun, interesting and challenging.  She is a patient and very thorough teacher with the ability to bring out the best in her students.  My conversation skills and understanding of grammar improved immensely while studying with her in Nicaragua."
Hiley, London, England



"Hola Cecilia

Sus clases de español eran muy buenas. Aprendí muchas diferentes palabras muy rápidamente.
Y tambien el pasado y el futuro, aprendí rápidamente con tigo.

Las clases fueron muy variado y divertido.
El paseo por el mercado o en la playa era bueno. Tú has aprendido los nombres de diferentes verduras y frutas.

Y en la playa hablamos. Podría tratar de aplicar las palabras aprendidas correctamente.

Todo estaba muy muy buena.

Buena suerte y hasta pronto."


Nadine Klubi (google translation below)


"Hello Cecilia 

Spanish classes were very good. I learned many different words very quickly. 
And also the past and the future, I quickly learned with you. 

The classes were very varied and fun. 
The walk through the market or on the beach was good. You have learned the names of different vegetables and fruits. 

And on the beach talking. I could try to apply the learned words correctly. 

Everything was very good. 

Good luck and see you soon. "


Cecilia is self-motivated, a quick learner and a natural teacher.  She will do what it takes to make things work!