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Cancel or Change Appt

Cancel or Change Appt

Go to the email we sent when you created the appointment and use the link inside to make changes (assuming it's not too late).   The email will be from and have the word "Appointment" in the subject line.

If you created an account you can log in HERE to do the same thing.   If you want to create an account you can do it HERE.

Change Subscription

Change Monthly Subscription

In all cases start by talking with your tutor and working out your new schedule and have her/him reserve your new times.

If the change results in you studying the same amount of time you are done! 

Change Amount of Time Studying at End of Billing Cycle

If it's more time or less time than your old subscription stop your existing subscription the easiest way to do it is to make the change near the end of your normal billing cycle.  

In that case do two things:

  • Stop your existing subscription before the next auto-charge occurs!

  • Start a new subscription that matches your new schedule.

Stop Your Subscription 

Make a note on your calendar to come back to our web page on your renewal day and start the new subscription. 

Start New Subscription

Unfortunately you can't set it to start in the future automatically on the customer side.   I can do that on the admin side though and if you like you can send me a note and I'll set that up for you:


Change in the Middle of Billing Cycle

If you want to make changes in the middle of the billing cycle we have do do it for you.   Email your tutor and CC and we will figure that out for you.   

Stop / Restart Subscription

Stop / Restart Monthly Subscription

Go to the last billing email we sent you.   There is a black "Change/Cancel Subscription" at the bottom.   The email will be from and have "Successful Payment" in the subject line.

Change the Credit Card Used to Pay for a Monthly Subscription

Change Subscripton Card

If you created an account you can log in HERE to make the change.   

If you don't have an account you can create one HERE.

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