Change Monthly Subscription

In all cases start by talking with your tutor and working out your new schedule and have her/him reserve your new times.

If the change results in you studying the same amount of time you are done! 

If it's more time or less time than your old subscription stop your existing subscription.

After you have stopped your existing subscription start a new one that matches your new schedule.

Stop Your Subscription

Start New Subscription

If you changed the amount of time you are studying at or near the end of your normal billing cycle you are done.

If you made the change in the middle of the month there will need to be a financial adjustment. Email your tutor and CC and we will figure that out for you.   That is tedious and time consuming so we charge $5 for doing it.  If you can, please do it near the end of the cycle ok?


Stop / Restart Monthly Subscription

Go to the email we sent when you created the subscription and use the link inside to stop/start the subscription.   The email will be from and have "Product Order" in the subject line.

If you created an account you can log in HERE to do the same thing.   If you want to create an account you can do it HERE.